Free Apental APK for Android {Latest Version}

  • July 28, 2019

If you are looking for some free likes on your profile, then you are at the right place because today, Apental Calc APK is going to amaze you with its features. This is basically an android and IOS app which you can use for likes and comments.

People want something new and unique because they fed up from old ones. So, this Apental is new and according to your demand. The developer made an interesting thing because he knew what thing people want. This app is going to blow your mind because you’ve not seen this type of app before.

Apental Calc APK

You can use this on your Facebook page as well. Many people love to run FB page because of their hobby. It is hard to get likes from friends and other people because it takes so much time. And such likes won’t worthy for you.

So, this way is the best because it only takes one minute to done the job. Compiling all these features we can clearly say this app is made especially for you because you want to do something unique. Taking free likes on FB never been too easy as before. I suggest you to use this app once and you’ll addict to it.


This app is getting famous day by day because people love the features of this app and they are recommending others to use it. The other main features is that you can increase the number of shares of your status easily.


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